Move It, Move It

In my effort to highlight people who are doing amazing things for others during this quarantine, I found a handful of awesome fitness individuals and businesses who are all making impacts in their own way.

Sweat For a Cause: Bodies by Design

I never seem to stay with any one gym for too long, alternating between personal training and more self-paced workouts, with a few seasons of kickboxing scattered in between. It’s not that I am flighty as much as I find that the initial investment in personal training really kicks me into eating healthy.

Paying the hundreds of dollars a month, makes that “free” food in the lunchroom not seem so alluring. For me personally, I tend to find that after a year or so the cost is just not a factor anymore, being just part of the budget, and this benefit is diminished.

One of my former gyms in this cycle, was two different seasons at Bodies By Design. They are actually the only gym ever that I have joined twice, so clearly they are doing something right. BBD also has a special place in my heart as my gym family during that difficult season in 2017.

While I left BBD at the end of 2017, one of the trainers there still checks on me semi-regularly and most of the trainers are my friends on Facebook. That’s how I found out about the awesome work they are doing to help those in need during this COVID-19 pandemic.

This Saturday, the 11th, they will be hosting the Global Unity Community Workout, with all proceeds going to help local businesses and families in need. This is a great opportunity to get a workout from some amazing trainers while benefiting an amazing cause.

Full disclosure, with this being on April 11th, the anniversary of losing Mom, I will not be joining the workout. I wholeheartedly support this initiative, however, and hope that they have amazing turnout.

Free Daily Workouts for Everyone: Planet Fitness

PlanetFitnessMost of y’all have likely read about my quest to get healthy and my battle with the stair climber. Although I did “fall off the wagon” when I had some knee issues, I have loved my membership at Planet Fitness.

The machines are always clean and in great condition so it’s certainly a great gym. They also have policies about dress codes and cellphone use that I appreciate, as one who isn’t a fan of seeing half-naked people or individuals taking 100 pictures of themselves where I am tying to workout.

But honestly, y’all, I drag myself out of bed at 5:40 in the morning for one reason: the free post workout massages (since I have a Black Card).

Since COVID-19, Planet Fitness has joined all the gyms closing their doors to keep us safe. They suspended all payments so that no one is being charged while the gym is closed and, in that respect, they seem to be a decent company.

But what earned them a spot on this list is the “Home Work-Ins” they have provided free to anyone in the world. These are not exclusive to Planet Fitness members or hidden somewhere on a members-only app. Instead these are shared daily on Facebook and YouTube for anyone with an internet connection.

Now if they could just digitally distribute the free post-workout massage, we would be in serious business!  🙂

Immersive Apocalyptic Workouts: Zombies, Run!

ZombiesAnyone who has ever talked fitness with me knows that I love my Zombies, Run! app for during workouts. It’s fun and immersive and pretty much the only way I ever made it through 100 flights on that stair climber every weekday.

Zombies, Run! has a free version that is open to anyone and allows access to all the episodes but only one a week (after the intro episodes).  Free-members can also do several bonus missions while they wait for their next episode to unlock, from going on supply runs to running across the solar system.ZombiesBase

Every workout earns “supplies” to build up your “base” which adds a fun dynamic. (I am one “supply” away from upgrading my Training Area to boost my defense stats.) If you are feeling adventurous, and using the GPS setting, you can turn on “chases” which causes random moments of zombies chasing you.

Back when all the New Year’s deals were going on, I snagged a year membership at an AMAZING discount and I have not regretted it. The membership includes unlimited missions (instead of the weekly credit), allowing me to tap into their full library of hundreds of episodes for on walks or runs (or stair climbers).

When COVID-19 disrupted everything, Zombies, Run! designed an all new Immersive workout series for getting in shape in your home. They are calling it “the Home Front” and basically the idea is that a herd of zombies has surrounded the complex and so no one can go on their regular runs.

These workouts are super fun to listen to and easy to adapt to any fitness level. The reason they made it onto this list, though, is because Zombies, Run! chose to provide these extra workouts completely free to anyone, and it doesn’t use up your weekly “unlock a mission” credit.

If you dread exercise as much as I do, I would highly recommend you check out these free workouts. I’ve also been doing their regular missions on my evening walks around the trails here (staying 6 feet away from others). It’s certainly easier to keep moving when you hear zombies on your tail!

Well, there’s my list of three awesome fitness companies that have found ways to help others in this time of crisis. Who did I miss? Share in the comments and I will try to highlight more in future posts.

Note: none of these links are affiliate links; I just want to share some of the awesome ways people are helping others stay fit and impacting the community in the process.

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