Just Numbers

Heart, why this turmoil? Why are you so afraid? It’s just numbers. They can’t hurt you. They don’t define you. They are signposts on a path and nothing more.

What are you afraid of? It’s just numbers. You know already they are good numbers. You know that nothing fits from 6 months ago … nothing… except socks. Everything else has had to be replaced.

You know you are stronger.

You know you are smaller.

You know that you’ve been good… heck, you’ve been great. Perfect is overrated and you’ve been pretty darn awesome.

So why the fear? Why the tossing and turning and sleeplessness? Over numbers? What’s so scary about numbers?

You love numbers. You’re great at math and play with numbers for fun. Numbers have no power to hurt you and you’ve always taken comfort in their certainty. It’s not the subjective grading of an essay; numbers are right or wrong. Binary… just like you like it.

So, why are you afraid? Afraid of numbers you know are good. Afraid of numbers you know can’t hurt you. Afraid of numbers … because you fear they define you.

But they don’t.

You know that.

Head knows.

Heart, why can’t you believe?


5 thoughts on “Just Numbers

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