Take the Leap

#Forge15 was awesome!

And this Spartan Warrior gave 100% to camp. Even arriving with a sprained ankle, I played every game. And then at free time Sunday I hiked over to the zip line and joined Nikolay in taking the last jump before they closed. Wearing our Sparta team flag as a cape, I leapt from the platform.

I hit a few trees on the way down but that wasn’t a big deal. After coasting across the river, I felt something metal smack against my ankle. Disoriented, I searched for the break and was able to stop myself from running back into the lader on the way back.

But when I got down my ankle couldn’t take any weight at all. So I was driven back to the mess hall and provided a set of crutches. Many, many members of both the Spartans and other teams helped me through the rest of the weekend. (No worries, the doctor said no breaks or fractures. He put me in a walking cast and told me I’ll be walking without it in 3 to 5 days.)

I’ve got the best boss in the world and, when it was hurting me today, he let me come home to ice it and put it up. Thus, as an extra blessing, I’m now at home with time to process the weekend.

Crazy as it may sound, I think the best part of camp was getting hurt.

Before you write me off as a lunatic, let me explain.

As some of you may know, I’ve been writing about my struggle with authentic relationships for a while now. And my decision to go to camp came from the desire to develop relationships with the young adults of WBCC.

I didn’t like the ice baths (like the one I’m trying to endure right this minute) or the bruises from crutches a bit too large for me. But what I needed from camp was learning to be venerable and that’s what this injury forced me to apply.

The first half of camp, when my ankle was only sprained, I refused every offer of help. Sunday over free time I was telling Katie that the thing I need to apply coming out of camp is learning to ask for, and accept, help. To learn that it’s okay to not be self-sufficient.

One hour later, I was helpless and had no choice but to let others help carry the load.

I have to believe we’re all like this in some ways. Relationships are like jumping off the platform of the zip line. You see trees and obstacles but you must trust the rope to carry you over.

Sometimes the experience isn’t as painless as I’d hope. Sometimes relationships can really hurt. But I’ve ridden other zip lines before without injury. So I can’t let this one experience make me afraid to take the next leap.

So where are you in the story?

  • Are you communicating but not willing to be venerable and let people know where you struggle?
  • Are you on the platform, afraid to jump?
  • Have you been hurt before and now wonder if you have the faith to try again?

For all my friends who came to Forge, I challenge you to press into one relationship you started this weekend and carry it one layer deeper.

For those of you who missed it, who in your life is God wanting you to invest in? What step can you take today to develop a deeper relationship?

What past hurts are holding you back? Life is really boring all by yourself. Stop standing on the platform and join me in taking the leap.


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