Refreshing New Look, Same Great Content

With LOTS of thanks to Catie Warrick, this blog is now starting to look and navigate 100% better.  You can now follow by email and navigate between the three topics pretty seamlessly.

The content is also starting to take shape.  Sunday I posted my first Politics post and Monday I launched Authenticity.
Womanhood is probably going to be a few more weeks… such a sticky topic.(Couldn’t God have asked me to ponder theological implications of Rainbows and Butterflies instead of these? Seriously!)

Would love to hear your opinion in the comments; this is the first public blog I’ve ever had.


One thought on “Refreshing New Look, Same Great Content

  1. laurie sethi

    Love reading all you have to say, I beleive in your words and ideas you keep on sharing i will keep reading,God bless you my sweet friend. Love YOU



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