Religion and Politics

I was an hour into writing a blog about the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage when I realized it’s a distraction.

The 2-minute version is this:
1. I’m a libertarian and as such believe faith has no bearing on politics.
2. I think the wrong issue was brought to the Supreme Court because marriage shouldn’t be a legal issue. It’s a covenant between two people and God.
3. I think it’s sad that 5 unelected judges with life terms can reverse decisions made on a state level through constitutional ammendments. This means the votes of thousands of Americans were overturned by 5 heavily – lobbied individuals with no accountability.

I say that’s a distraction because that’s not the goal of Wonderings. The goal is to examine how a heaven – bound “alien” in America integrates faith and real life.

So this category, politics, will be my attempt to understand how libertarians, republicans, democrats, independants, and all the rest wrestle with and reconcile their faith with their politics.

One thing I know for sure: there are strong Christians on every side. My goal is to find them and interview them. Here’s my interview plan and my personal responses. Let me know in the comments if you think I’m missing anything.

What political party do you identify with and how strongly?

I’m a strong libertarian but still independently research each candidate before choosing who to vote for. I believe in small government and think that allowing the government to regulate anything is the death of that thing.

How does your faith influence your political opinionsand involvement?

As a libertarian, I only believe Government should get involved if I’m violating the rights of you. Sin issues aren’t government issues. This is the easiest political stance to reconcile with religion because basically it completely divorces the topics. I can strongly disagree with a behavior (ex: getting drunk or sex outside of marriage) without believing the Government needs to get involved.

I do believe that the shift away from Christianity in America should push believers toward the libertarian viewpoint because legislated religion spells bad news when you’re no longer the religion in power.

That’s it. Maybe I’m missing something. Let me know in the comments. I fully expect my thoughts to morph and change… that’s kinda the point of this exercise.  I want to better understand the intricacies of faith and Politics.

Is there more to it?
Do I have a moral obligation to be involved in making America a Christian nation again?

Join me as I tackle this intense issue. It’s going to be a wild ride.



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