Poison in the Air I Breathe

After 12 years with the same Cell Phone Carrier, I decided to switch on Friday to a carrier that (so I am told) has better service in my area.  I hopped on their website and saw that it was “free standard shipping” which said “3-5 business days” fully expecting the experience I had so many times before of my phone arriving 48 hours later.

Come Wednesday, I was starting to get irritated that the package still had not come.  When I hopped online and found a number to call, the automated system said my phone should ship between the 9th and 13th! Incensed, I clicked over to support and it was confirmed that the phone would not even ship out until later this week or even Monday.  Then it will be 3-5 business days coming to my house.

This means my phone may not even arrive before leave for the East Coast.  I wouldn’t be able to share my new phone with all my out-of-town friends!  What if they ship FexEx and it’s left on my porch?  What if the phone is stolen?

I actually told that customer service representative “this is ridiculous!  My phone is barely workable and you are talking about waiting another week!”  Her broken English couldn’t do much except repeat the same 3-4 kind phrases she appears to have memorized.  Feeling very justified, I hung up on her.

Flopping onto my bed, I tried to calm down as I considered my options.

This whole carrier switch may be a mistake; why fix what’s not broken?  My old carrier never made me wait this long!

My phone is a piece of junk and I am stuck with it for another week?  I should cancel this and just walk into a store and get a new phone immediately.

This is post-a-negative-review worthy!  People need to know about this ridiculous service.

Suddenly it hit me that this is really not about a phone at all.  The only way I won’t have it before I leave is if it doesn’t ship till Monday and then takes the full 5 days to arrive.  Besides, I’ve used the same mostly-working phone for months before I snapped on Friday and decided to get a new one.

As far as “barely workable” … I did say that while having a conversation on the “barely workable” phone.  The only issue with the phone is lag online, mostly with videos, and some quirky catching with texting where the phone will appear non-responsive 10-15 seconds then catch up with me.

No, this is not about the phone.  It’s bigger.  And it led to my decision to begin this blog.

See, I live in a world where I am the center.  Everything revolves around me:

My phone
My computer
My Facebook
My blog
My apartment
My rights

The idea that I am the center of all things is laughable.  But it’s also everywhere.  I came across this quote in When People are Big and God is Small:

Have you ever been in big-city smog?  I remember the first time I drove toward Los Angeles.  It was literally enveloped in a bubble of smog.  Yet once I was in Los Angeles, the smog seemed to disappear.  I would look up in the sky and it appeared perfectly blue.  (…) This is the nature of worldly assumptions.  When you are surrounded by them, you don’t see them.

So as a believer who is Heaven-Bound, clearly I am not immune to the world’s egocentric culture.  My hope is that this blog will be a safe place to discuss the “smog” … to look for the false-assumptions that I have accepted as a believer in a world of unbelievers.



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