Life in Another World

Based on Hebrews 13:14, the planet Earth and the United States of America are just passing through points on my way home.  In this process of sanctification and regeneration on the way home, however, I must learn how to bring the theological into the practical.  Reality and Divinity.  Desiring home while seeking a life of impact here. Join me as I wrestle through the balance between here and there. I don’t claim to be an expert, or even theologically pure.  Surrounded by a world of compromised values and a barrage of egocentric advertising, it would be egotistical to claim I remain untainted. Topics I’m planning to start with are no small task:

  • Womanhood (especially for singles) in 21st century America
  • Authentic Relationships
  • Religion and Politics… can I care deeply about both?

And that’s just a launching point… this is going to be a wild ride. Yes, this is the Internet and I accept that it’s full of everyone’s opinion.  But this blog is to be a theological / practical discussion, not a breeding ground for slanderous, ad hominem attacks at either side.  Thus, I will moderate the comments and I will not approve any comments that attack a person, regardless of how much I agree or disagree with the person under attack. Thank you for joining me on this journey.



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